Meet Theresa Hildreth

Author of the new book Teeda Says “Be Patient”

Theresa Hildreth


Theresa Hildreth, a native Houstonian, uses her love of butterflies that she shares with her granddaughter to take flight as an author, creating her first book, Teeda Says, “Be Patient” Theresa’s inspiration is sparked by a child’s curiosity for knowledge – one she hopes is a magical never-ending journey.

Cherished afternoons on the front porch watching butterflies with her granddaughter Audrey and answering her many questions inspired Theresa to share other learning moments. She brings her experience as a mother of two sons and a grandmother of five with love and wisdom as she continues to write the next books in the Teeda Says series, which will include:

  • Be Humble
  • Be Kind
  • Be Honest
  • Be Generous
  • Be Loving
  • Be Helpful
  • Be Responsible

Come take flight with Teeda at

Houston Botanic Garden’s March for Monarchs Event

March 16TH, 2024

Books for sale at event and online

March for Monarchs  10AM – 1pm
Author Meet and Greet  11AM – 12:45PM
Author Book Reading  12:45PM – 1PM

Houston Botanic Garden

1 Botanic Lane, Houston TX 77017

Teeda Says, “Be Patient”

Beautifully written and illustrated Teeda Says, “Be Patient” explores a child’s journey into learning the art of patience with guidance and wisdom from her grandmother.

A look inside

It’s “Bring a Pet to School Week” at Audrey’s school and she is so excited! Everyone gets to bring in a small animal that their classmates can learn about and see up close. Audrey wonders what she should bring. A bird? No. A lizard? No. A spider? No! Then she remembers how much her grandmother, Teeda, loves butterflies.
Teeda helps Audrey with everything she needs to share about butterflies with her classmates, but butterflies are more than meets the eye. During “Bring a Pet to School Week” Audrey and her classmates discover that to learn about the wonder of butterflies you must take Teeda’s advice and “be patient!”

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